Welcome to NZSIA Ski E-Learning Platform

This ever-expanding, members-only resource has been created to aid the continuing education and development of NZSIA Ski Instructors. It is an online library, designed to help instructors study for their next certification level, whilst aiding the progression of snowboard teaching and continuing to develop snowboarding knowledge.

Within this resource you will find courses for the Level One and Level Two Certifications, as well as the Children’s Cert, Freeski Course and a History and Culture course. Each of these courses are comprised of three or four individual lessons, covering topics such as teaching theory and rider analysis.

These courses are mandatory to complete before attending the relevant certification (e.g. you must complete the Level One online course here before attending a Level One Certification).

Please note that as you work through any of the courses below, your progress is continuously saved, so you can return at any time by logging in to the NZSIA membership area and navigating to Ski E-Learning.

Any member can choose to develop their knowledge further than their current certification level, by working through further online courses.

Note for instructors coming from other systems: Working through ALL the e-learning courses is especially important for you. NZSIA allows instructors from other systems to easily move across to the New Zealand system, however you should take the time to understand it from the beginning. This e-learning resource is the simplest and quickest way to do this.